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Educational Equity

Without education,
you're not going anywhere in this world.  

-Malcolm X

The Problem

Empty Classroom


Black students disproportionately are punished at the highest rates in school.  This disparity puts Black students at higher risk for involvement in the

criminal justice system.

Stack of Books


School districts where Black students are disciplined at higher rates than white students also saw a larger academic deficits with Black students.



More than 1-in-3 Black children lack access to computers or high-speed internet at home. The achievement gap will only grow for students who lack access to technology. 

Education Equity Fund

BAC plans to support families in need of technological resources and help find safe learning spaces for children to learn virtually while schools remain physically closed.

Education Equity Grant

BAC is committed to supporting & developing programming that uplifts & empowers Black youth within our public school systems.  Our goal is to support organizations who have a history of empowering Black youth.

Two Friends with a Tablet

Our Plan

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