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Education Equity

Living in a civil and just society is only possible once every person has equitable access to diverse educational opportunities.  Getting an education is not limited to graduating from college.  Receiving a quality education is inherently connected to the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Being educated isn't just about learning new things, it is about connecting those pieces of information together.  
Black people around the world have been denied access to quality educational opportunities.  Have you ever asked yourself why?  You can tell where true power lies by what those in power try to keep from you. 

Supporting community based organizations


Many families still struggle to meet the increased demands stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.  While some families struggled to balance work & family life at home, some students have been completely missing from school since the pandemic began.


Numerous community based organizations decided to support those families in the following ways:

  • Provide a safe space away from home.

  • Provide Academic Enrichment / Support

  • Bridge the Digital Divide

From DC to Liberia, BAC is committed to empowering our youth and supporting those authentically engaging with them.

Looking Forward: Fall 2023

While school districts across the United States continue to silence our communities by removing our history from their schools, BAC is currently developing easy to access educational resources to better understand the role systemic racism has played in the shaping key pillars of our society.  From understanding how racism was built into the foundation of our public education system, to how race influences the access to healthcare we receive, students will be provided road maps to disrupt those systems.  

These resources will be available digitally and in print in the Fall of 2023...Stay tuned!

Contribute to the Equity fund:


Every dollar you donate will directly benefit Black youth. 

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