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Know Your State's Electoral System



  • 1,787,065 People*

  • 0.54% of the U.S. Population

  • 4 Votes

  • 0.74% of the Electoral Votes

Electoral College Votes:

about your state:

Who is running for office in your state?

Voter Registration

Deadline to Register:

October 9, 2020

Vote by Mail*

*Same as Absentee Ballot

Deadline to Request

Mail-In Ballot*:

October 23, 2020

*Ballots will NOT be accepted by mail after November 3.

Submit paperwork

Submit your voter registration form or your absentee ballot appliaction to your County's Clerk.  You can find their information below.


Election Polls

Make sure your polling station isn't closed by working* at an election poll in your state!

*Some States Pay Poll Workers.

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