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The Black Advancement Coalition!
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Our Mission:

The Black Advancement Coalition is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization who seeks to identify, connect, and redistribute the existing capital within the Black community to promote the advancement of Black people.


Pillars of Black Advancement

Our short-term and long-term goals are identified below as our "Pillars of Black Advancement".  In order for all Black communities to advance in this society, we must systematically address the following issues:

Black Unity

We must embrace, love, and protect all people within our communities.

Health Equity

We must ensure that all people are able to live long, healthy lives.


We must ensure that all people have access to nutritious food.

Criminal Justice Reform

We must tear down and rebuild the criminal justice system.

Community Defense

We must defend our communities against all evils.


We must elect candidates who will uplift our communities.


We must invest in our own communities when our government will not.


We must ensure that all our children are given the knowledge and skills needed to advance in society.


We must ensure that all of our brothers and sisters are able to provide for their families. 

Build Our Own

We must build and sustain our own communities without the dependence of others.

Long Term Expansion

Short Term Launch

Power to the People.  If you believe Black Lives Matter, put a fist in the air!

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